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Protocol Training

Creating the environment in which to facilitate diplomacy


Military Protocol Training

At Elevating Etiquette, LLC, I know the importance of protocol for the weekend warriors of the US, I have lived it. I specialize in military protocol training and offer fast, real-time training that fits into your busy schedules. As a professional protocol trainer, I understand drill weekends and the significant role of protocol in handling seating, introductions, changes of commands and high-level DV visits. My sessions are tailored to your needs to ensure you have the knowledge and skills to face any protocol situation head-on.  Contact me to teach at your location or sign up for one of my courses here in Las Vegas, NV!

Corporate Protocol Training

Implementing proper protocol in a business setting is essential to achieving success. With my custom-tailored program, I will train your team to make sure your business is efficiently following the right protocol. I teach everything from basic introductions to more complex and elaborate protocol needs such as flag protocol, seating, table setting and gift giving. My program is designed to fit the needs of any size business, so whether you run a small startup or a large corporation, Elevating Etiquette, LLC is the perfect choice to take your company’s professionalism to the next level.  

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