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Wedding Invitations - The Struggle is Real!

Weddings are exciting, they bring hope, joy, an opportunity to dress up & look good, dance, maybe free food and a party! Friends and family want to be a part of the festivities. However, you may not want everyone there (small/intimate) or, you can't afford to have everyone there or don't WANT to afford to have everyone there.

What are ways you can indicate it's only a plus one? Hard copy invitations...your envelope should dictate your preference: Mr. & Mrs. So-and-So (or Ms. So-and-So is invited to...), or the Broussard Family (very liberal and open)...Your online invitation can indicate preferences: You and a guest are invited to attend...(be careful with online invitations, people will forward, not read it, etc.).

Except for those who are LITERALLY helping the bridal party fund the event, nobody can or should try to dictate who you include. Those who do are being rude and inconsiderate (intentional or not). And it's not just because of cost, but who you and your significant other would like to share the day with - it makes a difference. Let's remember, there is family drama, tough personalities, funding issues, space limitations, etc. This is YOUR day as a couple. Protect it (with class).

And for those who continue to push & ask you to include "Uncle Bob or Cousin Sue," how about: "We've made the decision to keep our guest list limited to immediate family members and close friends. Thank you for understanding." Stay positive, Stay kind, Stay strong. Good luck!

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